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Sports Beaches

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Sports Beaches


Beach sports are currently taking the world by storm and are growing in popularity year on year. Everybody’s heard of beach volleyball through the Olympics but there are many other beach sports out there that are just as fast and just as fun.

Get involved and take your pick from beach soccer, beach footvolley, beach cricket, beach tennis and even beach rugby.

Everyone of them is incredible for your fitness levels because of the extra exertion required from moving through the sand. You can expect beach sports players to be supremely fit. In fact even the most elite beach soccer players will be rested throughout the game to keep on top of their energy levels.

We ran England Beach Soccer from 2001 to 2012 and in this time learnt a lot about the benefits of beach sports and fell in love with them.

The UK can and does excel in theses sports even in our climate but we need more permanent sand court facilities for our athletes to train in winter to be able to compete worldwide .

We built the Olympic Legacy sand sports courts around London in 2012/13 and from here a thriving beach volleyball scene has developed , see

A quick search online will help you find many other beach sports scenes that have developed all over the country or ask your local council.

Get involved in the UK’s most exciting sports scene and get beach fit.

See you on the sand…..

Olympic Legacy Beach

Olympic Legacy Sports Beach

Beach Volleyball Covent Garden

Olympic Legacy Beaches


 Beach Events and the London Olympic Legacy Beaches.

 Beach Events are proud to have been chosen to build 5 Olympic legacy Sand Sport Courts in   and around London, utilising the sand from the Olympic Beach Volleyball Court at Horse guard Parade directly after the amazing London 2012 games.

5000 tonnes of sand were used to create the Olympic courts, which has been distributed throughout London to create sand Sports Facilities for the public in St Albans, Eltham, Redbridge, Barnes and Brentwood. This is to create a legacy of the Olympics by encouraging a new generation to experience sand sports from beach volleyball to beach soccer. (Basically any sport can be played on sand but it is genuinely much more strenuous!).

Beach Events have now designed, created and delivered 5 multi use sand spaces in partnership with Volleyball England for the Olympic 2012 legacy project.

  • St Albans have regenerated an existing grass area in Verulamium Park into a multi use sand sport court.
  • The Samuel Montague Youth Club in Eltam has converted an old 5 a side football pitch into a sand sports court.
  • The Borough of Redbridge has converted an old and dis-used Bowling Green into an urban beach.
  • The Barn Elms Sports Centre in Barnes has converted 4 former tennis courts into a multi use sand facility and the Brentwood Leisure Centre Sand Court has just been completed on an adjacent sports field.

These new builds are in addition to the Olympic legacy work started in 2011 (after the Olympic test events) when we built London’s first permanent sports beach at the Score Centre, in Leyton , converting another old and unused bowling green. Sand sports are here to stay and are a great way to get fit, get focused and socialise in the fresh air, and although we cant enjoy the climate of Tahiti, we can dream as we wiggle our toes in the sand!



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Olympic Legacy Beach Builds

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Barn Elms Beach Events Olympic Legacy Beach Build

Beach Events complete the London Olympic 2012 Legacy Beach Project.

5 new beach sports courts have been built in and around London with the hope of generating an interest in beach sports to a new generation.

The beach volleyball in the Olympics was extremely popular at a time when more and more urban and temporary beaches are popping up in cities all over the country, for various reasons from beachsport courts to city centre play beaches.

Keep your eyes peeled there should be a beach near you very soon.

Eltham Olympic Legacy Build 2012

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Eltham is chosen to receive Olympic Legacy Sand Court in Honour of the 2012 Olympics.

Eltham is one of the chosen boroughs to receive an Olympic Legacy sand court in honour of the 2012 Olympics.
Beach Events Ltd, are utilising the sand from the beach volleyball court at Horse Guards Parade.
The sand courts are suitable for all sand sports including beach volleyball and beach soccer and are open to the public for general use.


Olympic Legacy Builds

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Beach Events work with Volleyball England

Beach events are proud to be working with Volleyball England, Sport England and a number of councils to deliver outstanding beach sports facilities as an Olympic legacy for London.

We built a full size sand sports centre in Leyton, Aug 2011 after the Olympic test event, and will be taking delivery of over 5000 tonnes of sand from Horse Guards Parade (once the olympics has finished) to create fantastic new sand sports facilities all around London.

These sand courts will finally give all sand sports the chance to thrive, and by the amount of interest already being expressed we are certain they will do just that!

Olympic Legacy Sand Courts


2012 London Olympic Legacy Sand Courts

The legacy of the Olympics 2012 will live on in the sands from the beach volleyball court that is being built at Horse Guard Parade for the Worlds most prestigious International Event. Volleyball England and Sport England have teamed up with Beach Events to distribute the Olympic sands post event, and to create permanent beach volleyball courts across London that will ensure that beach volleyball continues to be played long after the memories of the Olympics 2012 have faded.

The sand courts are to be made large enough to accommodate all of the beach sports with beach soccer being highlighted.
John Hawkins MD of Beach Events and England Beach Soccer commented – “ We are proud to be involved in such an instrumental project that will help to seriously raise the profile of beach sports in the UK. Beach volleyball’s popularity is soaring and we hope that with the increasing opportunities to play beach sports that Beach Soccer will soon be enjoying a similar position”.

Local governments are currently being approached to establish where the most appropriate sites are to create these new Olympic Legacy Super Sand Courts.

There is no doubt that with the continued interest in beach sports, the inclusion of beach volleyball in the Olympics and the construction of these legacy builds, that beach sports are here to stay and can only continue to grow in both awareness and stature.

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