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IOW Festival beach, the build begins.

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The building of the beach at this years IOW festival is underway! You can hear the music and taste the mojitos already.

Isle of Wight beach - under construction


Olympic Legacy Builds

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Beach Events work with Volleyball England

Beach events are proud to be working with Volleyball England, Sport England and a number of councils to deliver outstanding beach sports facilities as an Olympic legacy for London.

We built a full size sand sports centre in Leyton, Aug 2011 after the Olympic test event, and will be taking delivery of over 5000 tonnes of sand from Horse Guards Parade (once the olympics has finished) to create fantastic new sand sports facilities all around London.

These sand courts will finally give all sand sports the chance to thrive, and by the amount of interest already being expressed we are certain they will do just that!


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Disney XD

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Beach Soccer Overview

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England Beach Soccer

Beach Events are the FIFA affiliated rights holders to English Beach Soccer, which involves running the England International team and promoting the sport throughout the UK.

We stage International Beach Soccer Events and promote amateur beach soccer leagues and events in England.

Beach Soccer was originally inspired by the acrobatic football played on the beaches of Brazil, with the Official Rules created in 1992. The game focuses on some of the most spectacular aspects of modern football: skill, agility and, above all, goals. The irregular nature of the soft-sand playing surface lends itself to an entertaining style of play, with the ball spending most of the time in the air and the players forced to improvise with moments of awesome individual flair – expect lots of overhead kicks and diving headers!

Beach Soccer has also taken its place on the worlds sports stage with the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup running for 3 years now. This year’s event is to be held in Moscow in July.

Football legend turned film star Eric Cantona famously played for and promoted the French team and Edgar David now plays for the Dutch team. Former England stars John Scales and John Beresford have played for the England team and other former footballers are turning their attention to the beaches beautiful game all the time.

Beach Soccer is growing in popularity and stature as a glamourous alternative to the more conservative sports. Obviously the locations it’s played on add to the appeal!

See for more info.





Olympic Legacy Sand Courts


2012 London Olympic Legacy Sand Courts

The legacy of the Olympics 2012 will live on in the sands from the beach volleyball court that is being built at Horse Guard Parade for the Worlds most prestigious International Event. Volleyball England and Sport England have teamed up with Beach Events to distribute the Olympic sands post event, and to create permanent beach volleyball courts across London that will ensure that beach volleyball continues to be played long after the memories of the Olympics 2012 have faded.

The sand courts are to be made large enough to accommodate all of the beach sports with beach soccer being highlighted.
John Hawkins MD of Beach Events and England Beach Soccer commented – “ We are proud to be involved in such an instrumental project that will help to seriously raise the profile of beach sports in the UK. Beach volleyball’s popularity is soaring and we hope that with the increasing opportunities to play beach sports that Beach Soccer will soon be enjoying a similar position”.

Local governments are currently being approached to establish where the most appropriate sites are to create these new Olympic Legacy Super Sand Courts.

There is no doubt that with the continued interest in beach sports, the inclusion of beach volleyball in the Olympics and the construction of these legacy builds, that beach sports are here to stay and can only continue to grow in both awareness and stature.

Birmingham City Centre

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Beach events and England beach soccer are proud of our long history of working with Birmingham City Council. We delivered our first major beach event there in 2006 when we stage a full FIFA beach soccer event that included Eric Cantona’s France, Holland and the then worlds best team Portugal.

Since then we have worked with all kinds of brands including Disney XD, Carlsberg and Nuts TV delivering outstanding international and community events.

Sunderland AFC

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England beach soccer working with Sunderland City Council, Sunderland AFC and Disney XD were delighted to have brought beach soccer to the football mad city of Sunderland.

The 2 week programme of activity included a full FIFA beach soccer international event, featuring England, Germany, Greece and Mexico (England lost in the final to Mexico on penalties). We also worked with council groups and football clubs from around the city and look forward to going back in the very near future.



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Mitch Days (number 3)  dramatic winning goal with 2 seconds on the clock to beat Nigeria in Nigeria.


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