Portsmouth Permanent Beach

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Work has begun on the regeneration of Portsmouth’s permanent beach volleyball courts on Southsea Parade.

The urban beach courts are used for beach volleyball and as a training venue for the England Beach Soccer team but had become unfit for purpose.

Beach Events have been called in to redesign and build a new permanent urban beach that will prove fit for purpose in years to come.

Beach sports are gaining momentum in the public eye, particularly with the introduction of Beach Volleyball in to the Olympics.

They are a great way of getting fit as the sand makes the body work harder at moving and keeping its balance.

They are also a great spectator sport being fast moving with plenty of goals/points scored, typically in beautiful settings.

Southsea and Portsmouth are very lucky to have their own permanant sand courts to introduce these fresh and dynamic sports to the local community.

Portsmouth Permanent Beach

Portsmouth Permanent Beach Build


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