Sports Beaches

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Sports Beaches


Beach sports are currently taking the world by storm and are growing in popularity year on year. Everybody’s heard of beach volleyball through the Olympics but there are many other beach sports out there that are just as fast and just as fun.

Get involved and take your pick from beach soccer, beach footvolley, beach cricket, beach tennis and even beach rugby.

Everyone of them is incredible for your fitness levels because of the extra exertion required from moving through the sand. You can expect beach sports players to be supremely fit. In fact even the most elite beach soccer players will be rested throughout the game to keep on top of their energy levels.

We ran England Beach Soccer from 2001 to 2012 and in this time learnt a lot about the benefits of beach sports and fell in love with them.

The UK can and does excel in theses sports even in our climate but we need more permanent sand court facilities for our athletes to train in winter to be able to compete worldwide .

We built the Olympic Legacy sand sports courts around London in 2012/13 and from here a thriving beach volleyball scene has developed , see

A quick search online will help you find many other beach sports scenes that have developed all over the country or ask your local council.

Get involved in the UK’s most exciting sports scene and get beach fit.

See you on the sand…..

Olympic Legacy Beach

Olympic Legacy Sports Beach

Beach Volleyball Covent Garden

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